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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy and Why You Need It

Colon hydrotherapy might sound intimidating, but our qualified health specialists in CA make it comfortable and safe for clients.

As a holistic wellness spa, we do what we can to promote good health in our clients by providing full-body detox treatments and recommending health and wellness products. Check out our recommendations for teas and oils that can help you bring calm into your life and soothe your body.

If you’re considering hydrotherapy, prepare to get the internal detox treatment of your dreams. Do you ever feel like your digestive system just isn’t functioning optimally? We’re all a little guilty of straying from clean eating from time to time, and some intestines aren’t as merciful as others.

A Cleanse of the Large Intestine

The main function of this hydrotherapy is to push water into the rectal cavity to fully clean out any solid waste in the gut. It gives your intestinal lining a clean sweep. While, for the most part, anything the body doesn’t absorb is passed out as stool, the intestine can’t clean itself.

Since the lining’s function is to absorb, any buildup or residue will inhibit its ability to do that. We like to think of this as a deep clean for our insides. Since it’s repeated several times, over thirty to forty-five minutes, it spares no radical.

Boost Hydration

This helps because although absorbing nutrition is a big part of your digestive system’s job, absorbing water is just as important. When we don’t absorb enough water, it robs our joints of the lubrication they need to move painlessly. It also dries out our skin and our organs.

While we all get dehydrated occasionally, frequent dehydration can greatly affect our health. Colon hydrotherapy can bolster your body against this by making your intestinal lining more capable of absorbing water.

FDA Registered Devices

The best wellness centers will make sure that the devices used are those that have FDA certification. They’ll also use disposable materials when it comes to anything that clients touch. If you check this beforehand, you’ll be in good hands.

How to Prepare

It’s best to stick to foods that are light on the digestive system. Raw vegetables and whole grains are best. In short, eat clean to maximize the effects of the wellness treatment. Definitely avoid cheese, dried food, grease, and refined sugars.

The best spas in CA will also advise that you stop eating and drinking two hours before the session.

Clear water splashing

At our affordable wellness center in LA, we take every precaution, and our specialists keep a careful watch on the client’s condition.

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