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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: How It Can Benefit Your Body

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: How It Can Benefit Your Body

Massages are everyone’s favorite spa treatment. However, true spa savants know that choosing the right kind of massage for your body and your needs is what makes it hit the spot.

Some massages are great for joint pain, and some are perfect for knots in the muscles. Inside Out Restorative Spa takes the art of massage further by incorporating BELD therapy to drain toxins from the lymph nodes.

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What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage, or BELD, uses light beams to direct photons or negative ions toward your body. These ions kill bacteria and send off harmful microbial elements. The beam operates with a heartbeat-like pulsation that improves circulation and helps waste materials be disposed of on a cellular level.

This full-body detox treatment fights stagnation in the body, so any functions that aren’t happening as efficiently as they should snap back to where they should be. It might feel like our bodies are perfectly designed machines, and with the right diet and supplements, we should be able to take on anything.

However, life has natural ways of wearing our bodies out. Of course, we can’t reverse the aging process, but our restorative massage and wellness center will make you feel brand new.

Parasympathetic Healing

Your parasympathetic nervous system is in charge of regulating the “automatic” function of the body. Think of it as the backstage crew of your biology. This crew works all the time, even when we’re asleep, to keep our bodies working.

Qualified health specialists in CA can show your parasympathetic system some love by sending it straight into healing mode. This gives the stagehands a well-earned break, which will naturally translate into improved performance.


In the best wellness centers, you’ll find high standards for hygiene and state-of-the-art devices. If you choose a facility with wellness specialists that you can trust, post-massage, you’ll experience the following.

  • This wellness therapy bolsters your immune function by improving your overall health
  • The negative energy fields created during this treatment can draw out the toxins from your body and leave your system and your energy cleansed.
  • The lymph nodes are the often forgotten filtration system that is responsible for helping us avoid disease
  • You might find that your hand-eye coordination improves following the BELD therapy

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Inside Out Restorative Spa’s affordable wellness center in LA employs highly trained specialists who know exactly what to watch for when implementing these procedures. Our infrared sauna in Woodland Hills takes healing and relaxation to another level by giving your body the perfect environment to set your systems at ease. We also provide best detox body wrap and weight loss therapy.

Our extreme caution when performing our restorative spa services has earned us a place amongst the best spa services in CA. If you’d like to book an appointment at our full-body detox spa, click here.

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