How Infrared Saunas and Colonics Boost Your Immunity

Antibiotics are largely ineffective against many types of viruses, especially flu, which causes headaches, sniffles, fatigue, and colds. With so many different flu virus strains, the importance of treatment and prevention cannot be understated.

One good approach is to strengthen your immune system to mitigate the chances of getting sick in the first place. Lack of adequate sleep, malnutrition, little to no physical activity, excess stress, and many other factors can compromise immunity.

While these are sometimes impossible to avoid, there are many proven ways you can try to support your immune system. These include nutrient-rich diets, hydration, infrared saunas, and colon hydrotherapy.

Qualified health specialists at Inside Out Restorative Spa in CA share some insights into how infrared saunas and colon hydrotherapy are the hidden weapons when it comes to boosting immunity and cruising through the flu season healthily and happily. Schedule a consultation to know more about some of our best spa services for holistic health and wellness.

Increased White Blood Cells Production

The heat that penetrates our body during the infrared sauna sessions stimulates the energy at a cellular level. Consequently, our body’s white blood cell production increases significantly. The cells form a critical component of the blood, acting as the immune system’s first line of defense if infection strikes.

White blood cells detect any potentially harmful substance from entering your body and control the response of your immune system. These small cells are essential when it comes to the immune system’s functionality. Therefore, increased white blood cell production, as stimulated by an infrared sauna, can help our body ward off illnesses more effectively.

Immunity Boost

According to Hippocrates, a fever can cure just about any disease! Increased body temperature triggers the immune system response. The system induces fever when someone has an infection to make the body less habitable for various pathogens. While sauna heats up the body in different ways than fever, the rise in body temperature offers many similar benefits, such as preparing the body for flu and cold season or improving immune functions.

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Impurities Release

Detoxification is one of the most prominent benefits of infrared saunas and colon hydrotherapy. When the body doesn’t sweat enough, it holds onto potentially harmful chemicals, toxins, and impurities meant to be eliminated through sweat.

Each session of these therapeutic treatments allows your body to flush out all impurities from the inside out, so the immune system has less to fight off. Your skin may glow as well when it has been detoxified and purified. Colon hydrotherapy also helps clean it, which eliminates the body’s general toxicity while supporting other organs’ optimal function.

Book an appointment at our spa to experience the benefits of infrared saunas and colon hydrotherapy. Add a lymphatic drainage massage or ionic foot bath to augment your health and wellness goals. As a leading holistic health and wellness center, we offer some of the best spa services in town!

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