Ionic foot bath at a wellness center in CA

Everything You Need To Know About Ionic Foot Bath

Detox services are becoming very common due to people’s stressful personal and professional lives. Ionic foot bath has become popular as it helps get rid of harmful body toxins. Many restorative massage and wellness centers in CA offer these services.

Before trying out an ionic foot bath, here’s everything you should know about it:

Origin of Foot Bath

Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist, studied the theory that when viruses and bacteria contact resonating frequencies, they are demolished. Dr. Saggs used Royal Raymond’s theory and created the first-ever ionic foot bath.

Ionic foot bath has been used in the medical and healthcare field ever since. More recently, ionic foot bath services have been provided in detox spas. However, the exercise has only been moved to the West. The use of magnetism and stimulation to detox and acupuncture to remove tension from the body can be traced back to ancient China.

Who Should Get Ionic Foot Bath Treatment

This is a common spa treat that everyone (over ten years old) should try at least once. It’s a holistic wellness practice that helps remove toxins within the body.

Over the years, body organs like the kidney, spleen, and liver store toxins due to poor dietary habits. Ionic foot bath can remove those from the organs.

This treatment is also suitable for those who take pills for certain medical conditions. Taking medications regularly accumulates chemicals that can harm the body. An ionic foot bath from a wellness center can help remove those harmful chemicals and toxins.

Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath

Researchers are still studying the therapeutic benefits of ionic footbaths, and the treatment still has to be investigated. Here are a few proven benefits of ionic foot bath:

  • It helps detox harmful toxins and chemicals from organs like the spleen, liver, and kidney
  • It enhances the body’s immune system
  • It improves energy levels
  • It balances the body’s pH levels
  • It eliminates parasites
  • It has anti-inflammatory benefits
  • It stabilizes cellular energy

Total Sessions

A total of six sessions are recommended. Each session is over three to five weeks apart.

One ionic foot bath session wouldn’t help extract all the harmful chemicals from the body. To get the full benefit, at least six sessions are advised. After six sessions, one can continue the treatment after a 2–3 months gap.

Each ionic foot bath session lasts about 18–25 minutes. Before signing up for a session, you should talk to a professional consultant to ensure you don’t overdo the treatment. Medical history is also considered while advising the timing and number of sessions.

Ionic foot bath services in a health and wellness spa in CA

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