Painting your toenails, wearing cute toe rings, and getting a pedicure once in three months is not enough to care for your feet. They carry you everywhere without complaining, never ache under the greatest burdens, and still receive the least care. You may have a skincare regimen for your face and hands, but you need one for your feet too.

Your feet need to detox first before you try cosmetic procedures to make them look pretty superficially. Your wellness comes before vanity, and here’s why your feet need TLC too.

Sanitation First

As has become the norm now, sanitation is the linchpin of survival during the pandemic. But we’re not just talking about using a dime-sized amount of sanitation to rub on your hands after you touch something potentially contaminated. We’re talking about sanitizing your feet. Scrubbing the soles of your feet with foot graters and dipping them in an antibacterial solution is not all there is. You need a deep-cleaning detox treatment with infection control measures, sterilized autoclave tools, and single-use equipment.

Ionic Cleansing

But using hard tools to clean your feet can be injurious. That’s why ionic footbaths monitor small currents to ionize a saline solution that attracts harmful ionic compounds from your feet and flush them out. Since the soles of your feet contain 4,000 large pores, they are the perfect location to detox your body during an ionic foot bath.

A Vacation for Your Feet

Seeing the mention of electricity might be confusing and scary. That’s because we don’t realize that ionization is a natural process that happens when you’re in nature. Whether you’re walking along a beach or bathing in a waterfall, your body is undergoing ionization. When water molecules break up and move, ions form. This process emits healing properties that help you detox.

This is why you feel refreshed and energized when you’re near a natural water body. It’s not just a spiritual experience; it’s science! And this theory governs how ionic footbaths work. They neutralize toxins in your body by sucking out acids, metals, and toxins through osmosis, leaving your feet lighter, healthier, and rested.

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