Your colon isn’t one of those things that comes up in everyday conversation, but it is one of the things you might be taking for granted. A well-functioning colon has many, well, functions. However, the main ones include extracting water and nutrients before undigested food leaves your body, storing undigested food in the small intestine, and helping expel said remains.

It is an inbuilt full-body detox, and this is what keeping it clean does for you.

Improves Bowel Movement

When you eliminate waste from the colon, it clears out obstructions that would otherwise keep that waste from getting out and festering at its current position. Undigested remains can turn into toxins and cause unspeakable harm to your body, which is why their time in your intestines, or any other part for that matter, should be kept minimum.

Reduces Constipation and Related Complications

Constipation leads to slower metabolism, which makes you lazy and tired all the time. It could lead to varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and severe stomach cramps.

A cleaner colon means faster metabolism because undigested food can pass through uninterrupted. It also means your odds of contracting various conditions are decreased many folds.

Regulates Sleep Patterns

Many qualified health specialists also recommend colon cleansing because it helps you sleep better.

Irritability, anxiety, and fatigue do not come with the territory as you age, but toxicity does. When your colon is rid of these toxins, you get to know yourself better.

Keeps Colon Cancer at Bay

Cancer can get in from anywhere, from the food you eat to the water you drink and the air you breathe; toxins are all around you. Organs such as the colon help you expel or fight them as soon as they enter your system. Unless you have an underlying condition, there is no reason good enough not to go for regular colonics.

Promotes Fertility

Many who are unable to get pregnant are recommended a colonoscopy to check if their colon is clean. If it is weighed down by undigested waste, there is every chance that it is also hindering you from conceiving by pressing down on your reproductive organs.

The Best Colon Hydrotherapy in LA

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