Detox footbath

A footbath for detox is great for your feet. It helps reduce the toxins in your body by washing away germs, dirt, bacteria, fungus, etc. Some people desire footbaths simply because they enjoy them and feel that it provides a nice way to start their pedicure experience. Using ionic footbath is gaining popularity these days.

Getting Prepped for an Ionic Footbath

Before heading for an ionic footbath, it’s best to drink plenty of water because the toxins will come out of your pores along with the sweat that’s present in your feet. Always wear socks when using the device. It’s highly recommended that you use 100% cotton socks because they allow for more sweat to pass through and make it easier to drain all of the toxins and impurities out. If there is any sort of metal or mineral left on your feet after you finish, it’ll start to burn and itch as the ions make their way through the rest of your body.

Make sure that whatever type of socks you use aren’t too tight because this could cause damage to your skin. If you have circulation or muscle problems, then using an ionic footbath may make it worse for you in the long run.

Benefits of Having Ionic Footbaths

Ionic footbaths work by separating your dead skin cells from charged ions through a process called osmosis. All of us have positively charged ions such as sodium, potassium, and calcium in our bodies, but we also have negatively charged ions like chlorine, sulfur, and phosphor. Toxic metals in our bodies are drawn to negatively charged ions.


An ionic footbath can help get rid of the toxins that are floating around in your system. These toxins can cause disease. If you want to avoid these diseases or get rid of them, then using an ionic water footbath is a good way to do so.

Balanced Systems

If you want your body’s systems to be balanced, then ionized water can help get this for you. This will allow your body to function the way that it’s supposed to, which will keep you healthy and less at risk for disease.

When is it Not Advisable to Use an Ionic Footbath?

If you have diabetes and any other health problem, and you want to use an ionic footbath, make sure that you consult your doctor first. The amount of current in ionized water is safe if handled properly; however, it’s best to consult a professional if you have other health issues.

Footbath spa services

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