Beauty Benefits of Sauna Bathing

There are some surprising ways in which sauna bathing can benefit your appearance and overall health, making it an ideal thing to incorporate into your beauty routine regularly. If you’re not already adding it to your life, here are 3 of the reasons to start using the sauna today!

Cleanses the Body

Regular sauna bathing has been shown to help detoxify your body, and since your skin is an organ, it’s affected by all these processes. Sweating helps get toxins out and even reduces the size of your pores. Go at least twice a week for the ultimate results!

It’s also a good idea to rinse off right after you come out so that any nasty microbes from other people won’t have time to take hold of your skin. If you’re particularly sensitive or prone to infections, be sure to bathe yourself fully afterward as well with antibacterial soap—the hot steamy air doesn’t kill germs on its own.

It’s Anti-Aging

While sauna bathing has long been used to improve circulation and thus heart health, there are numerous other beauty benefits you may not have realized. From rejuvenating skin to reducing cellulite, sauna bathing offers a wide range of anti-aging solutions.

Sweating encourages collagen production—which makes your skin appear younger—and also removes toxins from your body so that it looks less puffy and plump. If you have dry skin, using a steam room can be especially beneficial for keeping it moisturized.

Great for Moisturizing

When you sweat, your body begins to lose water and salt through excretion. Your pores are opened, meaning that you expel a lot more moisture from your body than with a regular workout. This means that staying in a sauna for an extended period is great for moisturizing your skin.

When you’re done, give yourself time to rehydrate (at least 2 glasses of water) and keep up on your regular skincare routine. You can also make use of essential oils like lavender or sandalwood; they’ll provide some extra hydration as well as antibacterial properties which can help treat problems like acne.

Women in a sauna

Treat Your Body to a Sauna Today

A sauna has a lot of health benefits, including detoxification and stress relief. It can also improve the texture of your skin, help you maintain moisture levels, and prevent the aging process!

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