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Cocoon Your Way to Relaxation: Discover the Healing Powers of Cocoon Pods

In the world of new beauty inventions and technologies, cocoon pods are immersive gadgets that offer an experience unlike any other. These pods are the new age of aesthetic and spa treatments. There are several benefits of cocoon pods, and at the Inside Out Restorative Spa, we ensure you get all of them.

This is not just some product applied to your face or body but a place you are taken to when you step into the pod. These pods give you the most thorough infrared treatments that go skin deep. Cocoon pods are also the most convenient and painless compared to many other treatments.

These are some of the benefits of cocoon pods that make them a great choice and a holistic wellness experience:

1. Glowing Skin

Cocoon pods use thermal energy and a relaxing massage to improve overall wellness. It produces dry heat and uses far, mid, and near levels of infrared rays to provide detoxification, weight loss, skin purification, and stress reduction benefits. Cocoon pods also stimulate collagen and elastin and work to reduce skin inflammation.

At Inside Out Restorative Spa, we have high-tech cocoon pod treatments available, and we offer weight management training, pre- and post-workout fitness training, wellness and relaxation, and power naps at incredible rates.

 An image of a cocoon pod that offers a host of benefits

2. Treat Chronic Pain

Once you slide inside the pod and close the lid, you choose the settings for the pod. Cocoon pods give the best massages, paired with pink light treatment and aromatherapy. So really, they provide an entire experience that helps you transcend stress and eliminate chronic pain.

The pods are made of Himalayan pink salt tiles with special features like hot stone and vibratory massages. At this point, you have probably stopped counting the benefits of cocoon pods, so let’s get you inside one.

Book a Cocoon Pod Session with Inside Out Restorative Spa Today

Although it solves many internal and external wellness problems, you don’t need a reason to experience a cocoon pod. It is simply enchanting and worth an experience; of course, the benefits of a cocoon pod all still hold. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Inside Out Restorative Spa today, or call us to reserve a spot.

Don’t forget to check out all our deals and special offers for the week and get answers to all your questions about how a cocoon pod works and its safety etc. We also offer the best spa services in CA, such as the lymphatic drainage massage and the ionic foot bath, so come over and talk self-care.

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