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3 Health and Wellness Trends You Should Try in 2023

Health and wellness trends change every year. You’ll find more innovative trends that are changing the way people think about their health. We have tried everything, from taking greens in liquid form to prioritizing self care. So what’s next for us?

Numerous trends are all set to dominate 2023, and our qualified health experts have outlined some for you below.

  • Mouth Taping

One health and wellness trend you’ll see in 2023 is mouth taping. Yes, it means taping your mouth shut before you go to sleep at night. Although it may sound weird, it has become highly popular among health enthusiasts lately.

Taping your mouth shut at night leaves you no choice but to breathe from your nose, which offers several health benefits, like humidifying the nasal passages.

  • Micro Workouts

Another trend that’s on the rise is micro workouts. The reduced time duration in this type of workout is a major factor that has contributed to its popularity. This low-intensity workout makes it a lot easier to embrace movement during the day.

From a quick morning dance routine to a set of squats and pushups before lunch, the results of this bite-sized take on fitness are amazing.

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  • Full-Day Spa Visits

Finally, the last trend on the list is full-day spa visits. This is a great way to relax the body and rejuvenate oneself.

Many wellness centers and spas provide their clients with a full-day itinerary to help them plan their entire day at the spa. For instance, a client that has come in to get a facial can opt for a steam bath or a massage for relaxation.

These wellness centers offer a variety of impressive amenities so that clients always enjoy their full-day spa visit.


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