Despite being one of the hottest trends these days, infrared saunas have been around for a very long time—since 1891! And when something has been around for that long and has managed to remain popular, you know it’s definitely worth the hype.

While there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research into it, the few studies that do examine its effects point to its incredible health benefits. Moreover, people who regularly use infrared saunas swear by its benefits, which compels us to try it out for ourselves.

Here are some benefits to consider.

You’ll Forget Painkillers

With infrared saunas, you’re bound to forget to take painkillers for daily soreness or stiffness. But that isn’t the best of it. Regular usage of infrared saunas can help improve the blood circulation of your body. The infrared heat essentially helps relax the muscles, allowing your body to get rid of inflammation and any soreness.

When the muscle tension is gone, the body achieves greater flexibility, making it a great activity to pair up with your regular workout.

Research shows that infrared saunas can also help with arthritis pain, sprains, muscle spasms, stiff joints, and much more.

Better Metabolism and Reduced Cellulite

Did you ever want the benefits of running without actually running? Drive yourself to the nearest infrared sauna! Infrared saunas have a very similar effect on the cardiovascular system as running. This is why it’s sometimes called a passive workout, and your body is relaxed, but you’re still sweating and getting better circulation leading to an increased metabolism rate.

Moreover, the infrared heat from a sauna can help with cellulite reduction. Since the body releases toxins and has better metabolic rates, the accumulation of liquid in fat cells is reduced, which in turn helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Get Glowing Skin

If you find typical 20-something step skincare routines tiresome, simply take a few short steps toward an infrared sauna. Do you know that post-workout glow people keep raving about? You’ll get precisely the same effects after about 15 minutes in an infrared sauna.

A few minutes spent in an infrared sauna can help you get rid of skin impurities, remove dead cells and give you a beautiful glow. Moreover, these saunas can also help with several skin conditions like eczema, scarring and, severe acne.

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