In recent years, we’ve seen a shift from western medicine to more traditional or Chinese methods to relieve pain and stress to achieve better health. Studies show that over 2000 million visits were made to Chinese traditional medicines practitioners in the last decade, which is over 32% of all medical practitioners.

But do you really have to go to China to take advantage of all their viable medication and practices? Evidently, not. You can visit your nearest spa or wellness center and benefit from full body detox services like the ion detox foot bath.

But what is an ion detox foot bath, and how can it help improve your physical and mental health? In this blog, we’ll break down the gist of the detox service and how it can positively impact your mind and body.

What is an Ion Detox Foot Bath?

Detoxification methods have been around for centuries and allow you to detoxify your body and relieve stress without any effort. You can go on a diet, drink green juices, fast for a few hours to cleanse your body and remove any toxins, or you can submerge your feet in a tub of warm water with particular ingredients to assist the detoxification process.

Ion detox foot baths are one of the safest, relaxing forms of detoxification. According to the Centre for Disease Control, polluted air and toxic materials in the environment are the leading causes of some of the most common illnesses we face today.

Natural detoxification performed by our kidneys and liver allows our bodies to eliminate any heavy metals, preservatives, and other chemicals. And a detoxification footbath simply assists the process. But how does this benefit our bodies?

Improves immunity

In a world full of germs, bacteria, and viruses, we need our immune systems to work overtime and combat these issues. But how will that be possible if your body is busy dealing with toxins?

Ion detox foot baths make it easier for your body and immune system to focus on real threats after getting rid of unwanted pesticides and chemicals in your body. If your body isn’t burdened with harsh toxic waste, only then it’ll be able to perform its natural processes.

Reduces Chronic Pains and Headaches

If you’re someone who suffers from chronic pains and migraines, you should look into getting a detox foot bath to help relieve your pain and provide comfort without unnecessary medication and harsh treatments.

Improves skin

Most of us suffer from some skin conditions like acne, and how can we not when the air we breathe, the food we consume are all littered with chemicals and toxins?

These impact our body from within, making us extremely unhealthy overall. But as the footbath draws out all the impurities from your body, you’ll feel much more relaxed, healthy, and fresh.

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