Mani Steam

Mani Steam

Steaming for men originated in China, as a treatment specifically for the Emperor. In recent years, it's become a ``thing`` especially in big cities like Los Angeles. In many spas it is known as an A Steam, and it detoxifies and rejuvenates. It also aids in relaxing tense muscles and/or inflammation. Perfect for men who are active. It's ideal for men who have suffer from insomnia as there has been record of deeper sleep. Ultimately it cleans the anal cavity, soothes hemorrhoids, increases energy and positively impacts his overall health. One of the most eye opening feedbacks given on its use is the impact on the prostate. Steam can have positive impacts for men who have enlarged prostates and it can produce a better urine stream.

The Session:

The process is simple. Clients will sit on a bottomless cube stool custom designed to allow gently steaming herbs to be placed underneath you. You are draped from the chest down in a cape that covers the cube in its entirety for warmth and to retain the steam which brings heat al over you body. The process is gentle and extremely relaxing.

Why are herbs used?

In general, herbs are used that promote circulation, cleanse, reduce bacteria, reduce inflammation. Herbs are optional. You can steam with mineral salts and/or organic rose petals.

When should I avoid doing a steam?

During a fever, with any open cuts, wounds, stitches, sores.


  • Single Session – $90
  • Series of 3 – $260
  • Series of 6 – $530
  • Series of 10 – $810

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