Luxurious Health and Wellness Products For YouLuxurious Health and Wellness Products For You

Feeling stressed and fatigued from the pressures of your daily life? You should make sure to take some time for yourself to pamper your body and mind. Our health and wellness products are curated to offer you some renewing relaxation via aromatherapy, health supplements, and personal care products.

If you’re the kind of person who really loves to experience sensory relaxation, our essential and burn oils set the right kind of tone. Indulge in classically relaxing scents or stimulate your mind with fresh oils — the choice is yours. Our personal and skincare products are quick to follow, from protective sunscreens suitable for all kinds of skin tones to moisturizing soaps and cleansers.

Finally, we stock probiotics, diet supplements, and herbal teas to keep you feeling nourished from within. Balance your internal systems and rejuvenate your outer appearance with our health and wellness products. No matter what your personal care preferences are, our online shop has everything you need!

Essential Oils

A variety of essential oils for every day use.


Sunscreens for different skin tones.

Dietary Supplements

Liver Chi, Kidney Enhancers, Therapeutica, etc.

Variety of Teas

Neem, Tumeric, Peppermint, Detox Herbal, Moringa, Camomile and Ginger, etc.

Burn Oils

Scents include but not limited to;
Swirl, Come to Me, Brazilian Breeze, Hate me Now and African Jasmine


Yogurts, Powder Form, Capsule Form,

Hygiene Items

Soaps, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Face wash, Body Wash, Etc.

Custom Made Sun Visors and Caps

We do custom orders. Names can be added for an additional fee.


When you click to shop, you will be redirected to our MindBody webpage.

Yoga by the Ocean

Gift Cards Available For Purchase

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